Become a Member

The Club builds on a network of motivated professionals for networking, sharing knowledge and experience, learning, and creating rewarding experiences by developing something of value for members and Lithuania.

Who can be a Member

  • Members of LPS Club can be Lithuanian, Swedish or other professionals as well as legal entities or companies that pay the membership fee and support the goals and By-Laws of the Club. A corporate entity shall be represented by an appointed person.
  • As a corporate member, if you wish to market your company or services though/in the Club, you are welcome to become our partner, sponsor or client (see Partner or a Sponsor) (provide an active link to main menu ‘Partners’).


  • Membership is yearly, and runs from 1st January to 31st December.
  • The membership cannot be transferred to a third party.
  • Kindly submit your membership application via the button below:

Procedure of approval

  • After you fill in and send the Application Form, expect the answer from the Board within three weeks. You may also receive an invitation to a phone or video call to discuss your expectations and interests.
  • If/when your membership is confirmed by the Board, kindly pay the membership fee within three weeks.
  • You receive a welcoming message form the Chairperson of the LPS Board.


Renew Membership

  • If you enjoyed your time with us and are interested in renewing your membership for the next year, simply pay your membership fee that is valid for that year.
  • The same is applicable for those who were members in yearlier years (2015-2023).
  • The Board might send you a questionnaire about which activities or ideas you wish to be actively engaged.

Membership Fees


  •  1000 SEK annual fee for new members and members of LPS Club for the first 3 years;
  •  500 SEK annual fee for those who have been members of LPS Club for 3-6 years (not necessarily consecutive years) – reduced fee applicable starting 4 th year of the membership;
  •  250 SEK annual fee for those who have been members of LPS Club for more than 6 years (not necessarily  consecutive years) – reduced fee applicable starting 7 th year of the membership;
  • 250 SEK Junior Membership annual fee for students and/or under 29 years old members.

Legal entities:

  • 1000 – 6000 SEK for the legal entities and companies depending on the business size – the number of employees working on 1st January of the year in question:
  • 1,000 SEK – Individual firm (1 employee)
  • 2,000 SEK – Very small company (2-10 full-time employees)
  • 3,000 SEK – Small company (11-50 full-time employees)
  • 4,000 SEK – Medium company (51-250 full-time employees)
  • 6,000 SEK – Large company (>250 full-time employees)  


If you want to pay for your membership or event tickets, you might choose one of these payment methods:


123 267 02 14


If you have bank account in Sweden, use: Plus Giro: 75 51 11-2. Organization/Receiver: LPS CLUB


If you have bank account in other country, we would like to recommend to make an international payment. Our bank account details are:
Bank: Nordea bank, Account number (IBAN): SE21 9500 0099 6026 0755 1112, BIC code (SWIFT address): NDEASESS, Organization/Receiver: LPS CLUB

Please ensure that you indicate your first and last name and event/membership when you do the bank transfer.


If you would prefer to get an invoice, please contact