Our Values

Meaningful engagement

Connection, growth and fun comes from engaging with others and creating something great and meaningful together.

Giving and sharing

Be ready to give before asking – each of us have valuable knowledge or skills to share.

Accountability and reputation

Being accountable for one’s own values and aspirations helps to respect the others, the community, and the World. 


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Our Goals

At Lithuanian Professionals in Stockholm Club, our goals are to foster professional growth through joint activities, networking and knowledge sharing, while strengthening relations between Sweden and Lithuania and representing the interests of the professional diaspora.


Our Strategic Focus

High professionalism and knowledge

To be a trusted source of reliable information about the Swedish way of working and living.

Provide valuable knowledge, learning, and promote core professionalism values.

Assist Lithuanian professionals in establishing themselves in the Sweden.

Better visibility and image of Lithuania in Sweden

Enhance knowledge among Swedish organizations and individuals about Lithuania.

Strengthen LPS Club's role as a platform for attracting talents, business opportunities, and partnerships.

Lithuanian business enablement in Sweden

Provide information about Lithuanian businesses in Sweden and offer support to those entering the market.

Educate and inform Lithuanian businesses about the unique characteristics of the Swedish market.

Collaborate with the Embassy of Lithuania in Sweden and other relevant Lithuanian institutions to achieve this goal.

Read more about our focus areas here:

The Board

The Lithuanian Professionals in Stockholm Club Board and the Chair is elected yearly at the members Annual General Meetings.  

The responsibilities of the Board are described in the By-Laws.


Chairwoman of the Board

With a distinguished career in the financial sector and a key role in shaping the Club’s foundation, Rūta is a dynamic leader known for her commitment to both corporate and community success. Her strategic vision and dedication make her an invaluable asset, driving positive change and fostering a sense of shared purpose.



Board Member

Neda is an innovation management and sustainability professional with over 20 years of international experience in leading complex programs and projects.  Her passion lies in driving transformative change through effective governance, technology, and knowledge, all aimed at making a lasting and sustainable impact.


Board Member

With  20 years of experience in the finance and banking industry, Agnė has acquired comprehensive expertise in driving and implementing diverse organizational and transformational changes. Currently, she is specializing in Risk Management and places a high value on teamwork, openness, trust, diversity, and empowerment.


Board Member

Upon her move to Stockholm, Amanda joined the LPS Club in early 2023, where her swift impact earned her a seat on the Board by year-end. Drawing on her background in project management and business analytics, she is dedicated to excelling in steering diverse initiatives and crafting impactful experiences that foster connections between Lithuania and Sweden.


Board Member

With over a decade of expertise as a Social Media and Marketing Manager, Asta excels in brand and product development, content creation, communication, and digital marketing. While rooted in fashion, art, and design, she collaborates with companies spanning diverse industries, from cosmetics to construction, guiding them to establish distinctive and meaningful market presences.


The Club is governed by its By-Laws adopted upon the establishment of the organisation and amended in the Annual General Meeting when needed.