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Info-bulletins are a series of structured information aimed at assisting Lithuanian businesses in starting or expanding into the Swedish market. They provide practical hands-on advice, tips, sources, and interviews with industry experts, primarily focusing on four innovation sectors: IT, life science, engineering, and smart or natural food. These bulletins can be useful for firms and entrepreneurs in any sector.

The bulletins cover topics such as business registration, taxes, regulations, accountancy, partner and client search, trade unions, labor law, business culture, and more. They also aim to present market insights and specifics of one of the four priority innovation sectors.


The bulletins, along with this LPS website, are being developed with the support of the Sweden-Lithuania Cooperation Fund under the project “Innovation Bridge between Lithuania and Sweden” implemented in 2023-2024.


We thank our partners for input in defining topics and sharing the bulletins with Lithuanian businesses.

Lithuanian Professionals in Stockholm project partner Innovation agency Lithuania

Info-Bulletin (EN)


In this issue you will find:

  • Different ways to start a business in Sweden
  • Main legal requirements: tax, accounting, capital
  • Useful web links
  • An interview with Mailika Hindrikson
  • A discount proposal from 1Office Group

Info-Bulletin (EN)


 In this bulletin: 

• The role of trade unions and collective agreements 

• What collective agreements define 

• Recommendations 

• Two interviews with Lithuanian companies in Sweden

Info-Bulletin (LT)


Šiame biuletenyje: 

 • Profsąjungų ir kolektyvinių sutarčių vaidmuo 

• Ką apibrėžia kolektyvinės sutartys 

• Rekomendacijos 

• Du interviu su lietuviškomis įmonėmis Švedijoje 

Info-Bulletin (EN)


In this issue you will find:

• Guidance on how to start preparing to enter the Swedish market

• Tips for finding first customers and how to learn about the market

• Three cultural aspects to consider

• Two interviews with Lithuanian professionals sharing their experience and knowledge in expanding Lithuanian business to Sweden


Services for Lithuanian Businesses

Since its establishment in Sweden over a decade ago, the Club has engaged with 300+ professionals who not only serve as a knowledge bridge over the Baltics but also act as a reliable source of professional information for newcomers. As such, we are capable of assisting Lithuanian firms of all sizes and industries in connecting, finding information, partners, and contacts in Sweden. We strive to help them gain better visibility when entering or expanding into the Swedish market.

The Club offers the following services to Lithuanian businesses:

  • Distribution of announcements/information to members who receive the Club’s email news.
  • Advertising/information placement on our the Facebook and LinkedIn that have 950+ followers.
  • Organization of meetings with representatives of the Lithuanian professionals community.
  • Organization of meetings with specific business companies in Sweden.
    Mediation in searching for and providing contacts who have significant information or can deliver valuable information.

Regarding the price of particular service of interest and more details kindly contact the LPS Club Board via

Useful Material

Here we publish useful information for companies, entrepreneurs and individuals who wish to learn more about Swedish way of working and living.

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