Kukarske care home provides  assistance on a daily basis to 46 elderly and disabled individuals. Unfortunately, sometimes their efforts and desires are not enough to provide good service to old and lonely people. Do you have any of equipment and means listed below  that you could give as a charity to Kukarske care home?

  1. Functional beds for persons requiring palliative care (can be used ones) – up to 30 pcs,
  2. Pressure prevention Mattresses
  3. Low air loss mattress systems
  4. Mattress overlays
  5. Absorptive pads
  6. Pillow covers, sheets, duvet covers
  7. Bedside tables
  8. Adjustable equipments for the back
  9. Stands for drips
  10. Positioning equipment – pillows, rollers
  11. Rollers, wheels, rings for the care of bedsore
  12. Toilet chairs, wheelchairs
  13. Bedside toilets, urine dishes, bath benches
  14. Toilet seats, bath benches, wheelchairs,
  15. Walking aids – quad canes, walkers, canes, crutches
  16. Mugs, flasks, plates, plates, which can keep the heat, bibs
  17. Trays for distribution of pills
  18. Rehabilitation equipment: feet massager, hands-feet (legs) massager, balls, mats
  19. Bandages, thermometers, disposable gloves
  20. Medical cupboards, scales, privacy screens
  21. Laundry trolleys
  22. Waste trolleys
  23. Disposable cloths, cloths for intimate care, shower caps
  24. Belts and safety equipment for aggressive patients
  25. Mobile bathroom equipment, shower chairs
  26. Tables and chairs for the canteen
  27. Kitchen furniture and appliances
  28. Sofas
  29. Projector
  30. TV
  31. Special clothes for staff
  32. Medical, office furniture
  33. Furniture for common areas
  34. Wardrobes for personal belongings
  35. Washing machine, ironing system

Please send an email to info@lpsclub.se if you have any of this to donate.

Read more about Kukarske care home: http://kukarske.lt/