Lithuanian Professionals in Stockholm Club Annual meeting was held on 20th March 2016. 16 members participated and 8 members presented the power of attorney. See below a short summary of the meeting.

LPS Club annual meeting

Two members of the Club Board asked for resignation:
Veronika Audronė Paulauskas and Audrius Masiulionis.

Veronika Audronė Paulauskas was responsible for Lithuanian Community in Sweden (LCS) and the Club finance management. She did a considerable work on the organization of different LPS Club events and was an active participant of various discussions. She helped to register the Club as well as to begin using bank services. Veronika has decided to leave the Board due to growth of her business.

Audrius Masiulionis encouraged the establishment of the Club, when he came to Stockholm in 2012. Audrius very actively participated in the Club creation in 2015 and supported the Club activities and events by providing proposals, sharing contacts and information.  Audrius has decided to leave the Board due to him being transferred to Oslo, where he will continue to work as Attaché for Commercial Affairs in Norway.

The Club is very thankful to Audrius and Veronika for their contribution to the Club!


The annual meeting has approved changes of the Board:
Ruta Smertiniene – chairman,
Vita Gartė, Donatas Skidzevičius, Dainius Jurevičius and Regina Molina were approved as the members of the Board.
Jelena Angelis and Ričardas Verknys were approved as new members of the Board and they, including Martynas Urbelionis, aprroved as the deputy members of the Board.

Dear Jelana and Ričardas, very welcome to the Board!

The Club Board would like to invite all professionals from arts, sciences and different industries or business areas to join the Club and proposed to change the name of the Club to more simple and clear: Lithuanian Professionals in Stockholm Club.

Previous version was the Lithuanian Business and Professionals in Stockholm Club.