On November 26 we had an After Work with a furniture design studio Resize Design at one of Sweden’s biggest interior design companies Input interiör.

One of our board members Vita Garte used to work at Input interiör and had seen a lot of great design. When she left the company in order to start her own consulting firm, she met a young designer Viktor Lindbäck who had created a very interesting storage system on pillar and got awarded as the Future Innovator. Frustrated by traditional storage that often leaves unsightly marks on walls, the designer came up with the solution by attaching storage modules to a pillar that is extended between the floor and the ceiling. It is installed without screws and doesn’t leave any marks!  Vita and her spouse Claes Wegenius, who also is a member of the LPS club, got impressed by the smart design and decided to invest in this creative start up.

Resize Design has created a new mobile storage for the creative office space and had a pop up exhibition at Input interiör. Members had a nice mingle in a beautiful showroom and had a chance to meet the designer Viktor Lindbäck.



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