Dear Members of LPS, 

I am happy to write to you as the newly elected President of LPS. The previous Board has done a fantastic job and it will be a challenge to fill their shoes! A big thank you to Jelena, Rūta, Vita, Dovydas, and Justinas for all the time making LPS a vibrant and fun club to be a member of!

The new Board, myself, Rūta, Edita, Alina and Vaclovas, have had our first meeting. We are all enthusiastic and full of ideas on how to continue to make the club a welcoming and interesting gathering in 2018. 

A brief introduction of us:

Julia Berneheim. I moved to Sweden in 2010 with my late husband Carl, have two lovely daughters, Alexandra (17) and Emilia (14). After working as finance executive both in Lithuania and Sweden for 15 years, I have decided to switch to encouraging and coaching women to reach for higher positions in the business world. I am also currently writing a book on helping women to develop inner confidence and learning to enjoy life. My hobbies are reading, yoga and golf. And who doesn’t like travelling :). 

Rūta Smertinienė. Works at Swedbank, former leader of the Club and its main founding partner who strongly believes that especially in the age of information technology clubs like ours are allowing people to meet physically, share experiences, develop trust and have fun.

Alina Truskauskaite. Sales Manager at StellanKramer, one of the leading beverage importers in Sweden.

Edita Sääf. Managing Director and Representative for Kamado Bono Sweden and Scandinavia, who strongly believes in development of common business between Lithuania and Sweden. Running her own business. Consultant in Hospitality, Sales and Reservations for hotels. Lives in Sweden since 2001.

Vaclovas Bajorinas. Freelance expert on environmental and waste (domestic, hazardous and radioactive) management projects.



Within the board we split up the areas of work in the following activities:

Julia: interaction and networking among existing members

Alina: attraction of new members

Ruta: communication with external parties and organisations

Edita: organisation of events

Vaclovas: PR and IT



To make the work for the club more fun and interactive with other club members, we would like to involve more people in the daily running of the organisation. During our annual meeting many of you have expressed willingness to help, so now we would like to take you up on that offer and invite 2-3 people per area of activity to help the board members. So if any of you feel you can contribute (remember the famous saying, “think not what the club can give to you but what you can give to the club” 🙂 ), please contact us. Otherwise we will find you ourselves :).

We will soon send you an online questionnaire to ask what kind of activities you would like to see in the future and how often. For now, please remember to register to our next event on May 15 about healthy and delicious eating.  Places are limited and more than half are already sold.

I look forward to an interesting and fun year ahead for LPS and seeing many of you in the events to come.