The Board

The LPS Club Board and the Chair is elected yearly at the members Annual General Meetings. The term of office lasts one year. The responsibilities of the Board are described in the organisation’s By-Laws (Statutes). The Board takes into their hands the financial sustainability of the Club, initiates and maintains partnerships, attracts new members, and ensures the reputation and value delivered towards our strategic goals.


Neda Nordin,

Neda Nordin

Chairwoman of the Board

An innovation management and sustainability professional with the passion to connect both fields. Currently she manages digital growth area at Swedbank, and has a very broad professional experience in multiple industries, sectors and countries.

Rūta Smertinienė,

Rūta Smertinienė

Board Member

Works at Swedbank, former President of the Club and its main founding partner.

Inga Grinytė Fedčuk,

Inga Grinytė Fedčuk

Board Member

A professional in the area of education management and presently working in adult education. I have experience  in oganizational managment, leadership, project coordination and development.

Živilė Mitkutė,

Živilė Mitkutė

Left the Board in May, 2022

Experienced Project & Events Manager, passionate about building connections, leadership and growth in the multinational environment.

Virginija Langbakk,

Virginija Langbakk

Board Member

To become a real professional is an amazing process, which is not acquired only by studies or learning a craft, it is developed when seek the to use your knowledge in the best way and produce the highest quality. I have gone through that process myself and for more than 30 years I helped others do the same, all over the World