Sweden is the biggest investor in Lithuania and more and more lithuanians are coming to Sweden for professional assignments. Relationship between these two counties has never been closer, that’s why we have decided to establish a platform in Stockholm where reliable professionals with a connection between Lithuania and Sweden can meet. Our members represent diverse backgrounds and interests: executives, artists, small business owners, amongst others – all with unique stories to tell.


Edita Sääf,

Edita Sääf

President of the Board (from March 2019)

Managing Director and Representative for Kamado Bono Sweden and Scandinavia. Consultant in Hospitality, Sales and Reservations for hotels.

Ruta Smertiniene,

Ruta Smertiniene

Board Member

Works at Swedbank, former President of the Club and its main founding partner.

Justina Rosengren,

Justina Rosengren

Board Member

Photographer, SoMe consultant & Web Communicator.
Owner at Sofo PopUp web-shop and So Photo Agency.
Member of the board of SoFo Association of Business Owners since 2015.

Veslava Aganauskė,

Veslava Aganauskė

Board Member

Business and Product Development Expert at Nordea bank

Milda Ferreira,

Milda Ferreira

Board Member

An experienced sales professional with a financial background, who over the past 10 years has been involved in the Financial and Fintech services industry, and is currently in a process of a start-up.