• Our aspiration is to enhance opportunities for our members to build trusted contacts, share knowledge and competence though joint and exciting activities, and raise the value of the Club.
  • We also aim to strengthen relations between Sweden and Lithuania by supporting Lithuanian businesses in Sweden, promoting bi-lateral collaboration among relevant organisations, and representing the interests of professional diaspora.


  • Active engagement

          Connection, growth and fun comes from engaging with others and creating something awesome together.

  • Giving and sharing

           We believe that if you value another person and their contribution, they can in turn value you and yours. Be ready to give before asking – each of us have valuable knowledge or skills to share.

  • Accountability and reputation.

          We see accountability and reputation as a basis to become a good professional, citizen and human. Being accountable for own values and aspirations helps to respect the others, the community, and the World


In 2023 the Club defined three Strategic Directions for its work, with the focus on:

  1. Lithuanian business enablement in Sweden
  2. Better visibility and image of Lithuania in Sweden
  3. High professionalism and knowledge.

Usualy, the Club organises 1-2 monthly events. If you are interested in browsing through our past events, you can find them in the Past Events.


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